Connect industrial grade Modbus IO Module devices to the cloud using Azure IoT Edge


In this workshop, we will use the Azure IoT cloud to turn your laptop into an IoT Edge gateway.


Do you want to introduce Remote Monitoring in your company but your local (Modbus IO Module) devices cannot reach the internet?
Do you want to limit the amount of data sent to the cloud using some local logic?
Do you want to prevent disclosing sensitive (IP) data or privacy sensitive data?
Do you want to limit the lag for a local feedback loop?

With Azure IoT Edge, it’s possible to handle these issues together with Machine Learning, Cognitive services, Stream Analytics, Azure Functions and more.
The IoT Edge gateway runs logic on-premise but it’s configurable remotely in the cloud using the Azure Portal, zero-touch deployment and configuration.

What to expect?

In this workshop, you will learn how to set up a local IoT Edge gateway and get telemetry from an actual Industry grade Modbus IO Module device.
Rest assured, we keep it easy for you!
The telemetry will be passed on to the cloud. And you will also learn how to program your own logic modules and deploy it these remotely to extent the local logic.

Afterward, attendees have a clear understanding of what they gain with Azure IoT Edge and they know how easy it is to start implementing their own IoT Edge solution.
We have 10+ industrial grade Modbus IO Modules. Attendees just bring their own Windows 10 laptop (see Prerequisites). Attendees can work on their own or in pairs.
The presenter starts the workshop with a short presentation to give some context.
Proctors will be available to guide the attendees through the labs.

Who should attend

Our workshop is for everybody who is interested in building an IoT Edge solution themselves. We see both developers and architects attend our session.
This is a Hands-on lab. Basic knowledge about software development is needed for the whole workshop. Basic development skills are only required for the second half of the workshop.


The main part of the workshop can be finished in two to four hours if attendees meet all the prerequisites.
The workshop is splitted up in two parts:
1. Turn your laptop into an IoT Edge gatewat, read Modbus telemetry messages from an industrial grade device
2. Use Azure Stream Analytics on the Edge, program your own Command module and create a local feedback loop. As a bonus you can create a Heartbeat module
After the workshop, a simulation app of the Modbus IO Module device is available for further study.

Prerequisites for attendees

If you want to attend with this workshop, you need to have a laptop with:

Step 1 prerequisites:
* Internet connection using wifi or cable. No extra proxy configured (pac file, etc.)
* Windows 10 Enterprise or Pro; update 1809 or higher
* Docker CE installed; Make sure it's set to run Linux containers
* The most recent Visual Studio Code installed
* Visual Studio Code extension: Azure IoT Toolkit extension
* Windows Powershell with Admin right
* Azure CLI installed

Step 2 prerequisites:
* Visual Studio Code extension: Azure IoT Edge Visual Studio Code extension
* Visual Studio Code extension: C# for Visual Studio Code (powered by OmniSharp) extension
* Install the most recent .NET Core 2.x SDK

And you always need an active Azure subscription so you can create Azure resources.

Note: A virtual machine could work too but then you are not able to connect to the physical Modbus IO Module devices. Our Modbus simulation app is available though.

Getting access to the workshop?

Just login here to start the workshop.
Check out the name and password you are given for the access.


If you have any feedback, please reach out to me at Twitter using @svelde


Interested in hosting this workshop? Look here to see what's needed to have a successful event.

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